The Northern Vibe Festival aims to be a safe place for people from all walks of life to feel secure and have an awesome time.  To ensure this we have the following services in place:
- Onsite security with radio communication, and ability to contact emergency services.
- Zero tolerance for violence, harassment and discrimination of any kind (good vibes only!)
- Washroom facilities (porta-potties) and handwash stations in convenient locations.
- Garbage pickup and disposal at the end of the festival.

What you should bring with you?:
- Good vibes!
- Your ticket!
- Camping supplies including a tent, hammock, sleeping bag, food (while there will be food vendors onsite its always a good idea to bring your own food), ice, water, warm clothes etc. (basically anything you would need for a forest camping experience).
- Site decorations!

What you should not bring with you?:
- A bad attitude.
- Glass bottles (we are a strictly no glass event, glass will be confiscated).
- Weapons 
- Renegade stages (we are cool if you want to play music at your site, but renegade stages are not permitted)